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Wonderful Wallpaper
I love wallpaper. It is the most fun way to add character to your home. I particularly like wallpaper in unexpected places, like a coat closet, pantry, or mudroom. Even a laundry room! I put fun wallpaper from Hygge & West in our powder room (see photo above) and it is definitely one of the most talked about room by guests. I will share more photos of my powder room in the future (there are a few more fixtures that need to be installed). But it brings me such joy to go in there. I even try to make sure my soap is a good color to contrast with the paper (currently I have a pinkish purple soap and around the holidays I have a bright green soap).
I've decided to share some of my favorite wallpapers I have seen on Pinterest. My Home Design board on Pinterest gives me a lot of joy. I actually was inspired to use this Hygge & West wallpaper in our power room because I saw it on Pinterest.
Enjoy my wallpaper inspiration!
I don't have a china cabinet/room in my home but this image really makes me want one. The pale blue high gloss shelves paired with this bold & colorful wallpaper is a huge win. Wallpaper is really made for small rooms & nooks and crannies in your home. It's unexpected and so fun.
If there was ever a better argument for enhancing a gallery wall with wallpaper...
I adore this. And the vase that is on the wall is such a great touch (although I hope having live flowers & water right next to wallpaper is okay in the long run). This appears to be an entryway into a home. What better way to set the tone for a joyful visit for guests.
This is a dark kitchen done right! I adore all of the colors in this wallpaper and how good does that vase look against the pattern?! Even the cut lemon looks good. I tend not to be a wooden countertop fan but in this case it pairs perfectly with the wallpaper. Bravo!
This is art. I love chinoiserie wallpaper, especially when green is a major component of the pattern. I would like to think the owner of this bathroom actually does soak with a pot of tea. How idyllic.
I adore this print and I always appreciate when hand towels coordinate with the wallpaper. Powder room perfection.
Pink & red stripes are my favorite. I think it is such a fabulous combination. I am typically a vertical stripe fan but in this case, the horizontal stripes are the perfect choice.
Mudrooms tend to be one of the least decorated an most underrated rooms in the house. Why? Its the entryway for the homeowners it should be a welcoming and fabulous space! I have been working hard on making sure my mud room/laundry room is colorful and fun.
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